July 15, 2020

Why we exist

Marko Kovacevic

Now it is easier than ever to come up with an idea, find information and data online to support it and share it. At the same time, the aforementioned simplicity and accessibility make it more challenging to gain comprehensive knowledge of a new topic or trend - it is quite difficult to differentiate between actual experts and mere pretenders. There is too much noise created by unstructured content across various channels, countless differing opinions on the same topic, continually emerging new technologies and too many unproven approaches for achieving a goal.

This is the problem every growing or new business is facing. It manifests itself in different ways:

  • "Sexy" technology as a universal solution - You invested in a new technology to realize it doesn’t really work for you;
  • Digital product to solve all problems - You tried integrating top-notch technology into your product to find out that your customers are not using it;
  • One-time expert to win it all - You hired an expert to help you design a new strategy, and now the only thing missing is an unlimited budget to make it real;
  • General knowledge with no understanding of the changing reality of your customers, culture, and market needs - You go through the same training as your competitors trying to get a different end result;
  • Outlandish ideas without accountability - You got a perfect advisor, but no in-house capacity to implement the plan;
  • A lack of alignment between internal and external stakeholders - Your team encountered a roadblock and the perfect idea you devised with experts fell through - now you have to pay anew for essentially the same process.

We lived (through) those problems ourselves with our previous businesses, clients, suppliers, partners, and peers. All these challenges we’ve been through more than once and, after realizing we can do better, we started to capture the learnings. Even today we do not have all the answers. This is a work in progress, and it will continue for as long as we operate.

Because of this approach, we have been able to find the right solutions and help our organizations and collaborators grow together. Our most significant “Eureka” moments would occur not when we would think of one or two ideas to temporarily patch up a derailed process, but when we would realize that most challenges are systemic issues that require a whole new approach to problem-solving.

There are no more “revelatory” conclusions, one-size-fits-all ideas, or "off the shelf" solutions. What we need is a genuine, in-depth understanding of where we want to go and what the actual needs of our partners are.

All these cycles of thinking and acting on it brought us to simple solutions for the new age. Those solutions are founded on collaboration, with an agile, bold approach to new model creation. Our model is focused on recognizing the value businesses have already created, then adapting it, scaling it, or leveraging it for further growth. This is pure evolution play

What we do

We are a growth transformation partner for curious businesses. We define, design, and deliver evolutionary growth to leverage current business challenges and opportunities into purposeful cultivation resilient against a rapidly changing environment. Our only precondition is - we do this only with long-term sustainability in mind. We do not believe in short-term success, but long term purpose.

How we do it — TLDR: We define and design a new value proposition for all stakeholders in your business. We work on its integration, hand in hand, with you and your team, operating in a live business environment to test, learn, and pivot, if needed. We scale everything together with key human capital, ensuring that the right organizational structure, culture, strategic partnerships, and funding are aligned for the next level of success.

Is failure possible? Of course, but with a positive twist. In case of failure, we share the risk and stand by our client's side until a solution is found. We see all our clients as partners, therefore the risk will be shared.

We deliver what we believe in:

Sustainable (evolutionary) growth

The growth designed to leverage existing strengths and repurpose them for a new era, ensuring sustainability in terms of company culture and rapidly changing environment;

Leveraging technology and processes

We continually invest in exploring and testing promising technologies and emerging methodologies. Through fear of missing out and danger of cannibalizing existing business to stay relevant, we challenge ourselves. Analyzing, understanding, and implementing that which truly creates value for stakeholders, is our key differentiator.

Synergy through collaboration

The world is becoming more specialized. We believe that the critical factor for success will be growth through purposeful collaboration — within the company, with key stakeholders, competitors, and even those who at first seemed too far away.

What makes us different?

Assuming accountability for joined success from day one is what sets us apart:

Implementation responsibility

Anyone can give good advice, or at least try — implementing this advice in real-time, in the real world, is where the challenge starts. This is why we partner up with your team and work on delivery together. Agility is at the core of everything we do; once we get to a working “prototype,” we scale it together by obtaining capital, talent, and new customers.

Sharing the risk

In a traditionally uncertain economic environment, a successful collaboration should mandate skin in the game from all its participants. We share the risk of our joint undertakings by using different business models. Before we start, our models are designed according to our clients’ needs, depending on their key goals, delivery time, and size of the project.

Global growth

Even if you are a locally-oriented company, your future growth still depends heavily on branching out internationally. We look at this as an opportunity, especially now, in a fully digitally connected world. We design collaborative, globally competitive value propositions, and open up worldwide opportunities for obtaining capital, talent, and market share.