Step 1


The definition is the foundation of success. Understanding clearly where we are today and where we would like to be tomorrow is essential to sustained success in the unpredicted business World.

Signet achieves this by gathering, synthesizing, visualizing, and analyzing client information by using our specialized research techniques and analytic tools. Through our multi-stakeholder and wide-ranging approach, we get a unique perspective on our client’s business, industry, and future.

This is more than a definition. It is a crucial component of our way methodology to honor the uniqueness of every client. In this step, hand in hand with the client, we set a strong foundation for transformation to the next level of growth.


Design is a step towards Mastery of the new reality that we are creating together. In the Design phase, we connect the dots to create the most valuable solution so that the company can purposefully grow, in line with the continually changing business environment.

We are designing a new future by combining the client’s uniqueness with the new business outlook of the world to develop a stakeholder-centric value proposition.

It enables us to design a development plan covering new forms of growth — from technology to new markets, including customers, products, employees, geographies, and society. This plan will be segmented into several phases to ensure fast activation, validation, adaptation, and agility.

The Design consists of a completely agile approach playbook, that can be quickly extended or shortened depending on the client’s preferences and circumstances. It is enriched with several practical experiments and pilots, which will provide immediate and honest feedback.

Step 2
Step 3


A good plan is just a dream without execution. In this phase, we join forces with our client to become ONE team, to deliver the promise of growth.

As a partner, we take responsibility to integrate and initiate the designed transformation plan which focuses on:

  • Incorporating and readjusting the designed plan to achieve growth (test, try and pivot),
  • Ensuring that everybody in the organization is up to speed and in the place where they need to be for the implementation of next-level growth,
  • Building partnerships for next-level growth,
  • Aligning all stakeholders for newly designed growth and sustainability.

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